Cheyenne & Luke’s Fall Church Wedding

As a wedding photographer, I have the privilege of witnessing and documenting some of life’s most precious moments. Cheyenne and Luke’s fall wedding at their church in Newberg, back in November, was one such occasion filled with warmth, love, and the vibrant hues of autumn.

The day began with the anticipation and excitement building up as Cheyenne and Luke each prepared for the journey ahead, surrounded by their closest friends and family. I had the honor of capturing those intimate moments as they put the final touches on their attire, shared prayers, and exchanged heartfelt glances.

One of the most touching moments was when Cheyenne’s bridesmaids enveloped her in love and support, offering prayers before she stepped into her wedding gown. The joy and emotion were palpable as Cheyenne revealed her radiant look, a vision of elegance and grace.

Before the ceremony commenced, Cheyenne and Luke chose to share a first look, a private moment that allowed them to savor the beauty of the day and the depth of their love. Against the backdrop of the church lobby, their love blossomed, setting the tone for the festivities to come.

Venturing to a nearby forest adorned with the fiery hues of autumn, we captured the couple’s portraits and wedding party photos. Surrounded by nature’s breathtaking canvas, Cheyenne and Luke’s love shone brightly, accentuated by the vibrant colors of the season.

Back at the church, with the weather on our side, the sky painted the perfect overcast lighting. We seized the opportunity to immortalize precious moments with family photos on the lush lawn.

The ceremony itself was a testament to the couple’s commitment and devotion. As Cheyenne walked down the aisle, she exuded beauty and grace, while Luke awaited her with unwavering love in his eyes. Communion and heartfelt vows further underscored the depth of their bond, sealing their union in love.

Following the ceremony, amidst the joyous celebration, Cheyenne and Luke took a moment to sign their marriage license, officially marking the beginning of their journey together.

The reception space, adorned with round tables and exquisite place settings, exuded warmth and elegance. Personal touches, such as Heath bars representing Cheyenne’s maiden name, added a touch of sentimentality to the occasion.

Dinner and toasts were followed by the sweet indulgence of cutting the cake, accompanied by delightful desserts and apple cider donuts, perfectly complementing the fall theme.

As the festivities continued, the outdoor dance floor beckoned, inviting guests to revel in the joy of the moment. With laughter and music filling the patio, Cheyenne and Luke shared their first dance, followed by heartwarming parent dances.

As the night drew to a close, Cheyenne and Luke bid farewell to their loved ones with a grand exit, surrounded in a cascade of bubbles. It was a touching conclusion to a day filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories.

Reflecting on Cheyenne and Luke’s wedding day fills me with gratitude for being entrusted with the task of capturing their love story. It’s moments like these that remind me why I love what I do – immortalizing love in all its beauty, capturing memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

x, Hannah

Vendors- Venue: Rockpoint Church / Bridesmaid dresses: Azazie / Makeup: Glam by Abigail Marie / Coordinator & Florist: Toohey Weddings

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