Laura & Sean’s Car Show Elopement

Laura and Sean’s wedding was held at Washington County Courthouse in Hillsboro where they wanted to tie the knot after years of being together. And then their reception was 2 months later at 10 Barrel in Bend.

I think Bend is such a fun city! There are loads of outdoor activities and breweries. The couple wanted a fun-filled weekend with all of their friends and family with them and so they hosted their celebration at 10 Barrel, with dinner, drinks and games!

Laura and Sean were so fun to work with! They had welcomed me into their home the day of their wedding day which was when we met. Their whole family was so sweet, kind and just made for such an easygoing, comfortable experience. They even welcomed my husband with open arms and invited him to the reception! 

Their whole wedding day was so unique and special. Firstly I met them at their house where they finished getting ready and did their first look in their bedroom. For the first part of the day they were surrounded by their parents, siblings and 2 sweet pups.

Then we made our way to the courthouse where they had the ceremony. And during the ceremony we noticed a load of noise coming from behind the bushes, only to realize it was the start of a car show along the Hillsboro Tuesday Night Market! We had no idea of this ahead of time and so it was definitely a surprise. The whole street was blocked off and instead there were vintage cars down the whole street with booths and food carts. It was seriously so much fun! 

And then a couple of months later they had their reception with all of their friends and family at 10 Barrel in Bend and made a fun weekend out of it! 

Their whole celebration was truly authentic to them and they made it how they wanted it, even if it was unconventional.

The day of the ceremony had a fairly quick timeline starting with the couple getting ready and first look photos at their home. Then we drove to the courthouse for the official ceremony and family and couple portraits. And then for their reception, it was another quick timeline. In total we had 3 hours at 10 Barrel while enjoying dinner (that my husband came to as well!), drinks and mingling with guests. 

The photos that I captured were full of genuine love and excitement with their favorite people. Laura and Sean trusted my creativity and let me direct the shots at both events.

I loved shooting both their elopement and their reception because of how easy and relaxed they made it. Sean and Laura were amazing at adapting to the chaos of the unexpected car show and turned it into a fun experience instead of letting it cause stress to their day. They let the story tell itself through their every turn of events

Laura and Sean left the sweetest review:

“Hannah is the best! She is so sweet and caring. We got married at the courthouse and she had our sneak peaks back to us within 3 hours. Not only that, but her photos are amazing! She also traveled for a wedding celebration for us and took amazing photos of our party! I can’t wait to work with her again in the future!”

Hannah xx

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