My Rebrand!

I am so excited to be sharing this project with you! I’ve been working on it for a little while and I’m ready to share it, I am rebranding! I’ve been working with an amazing designer who has helped me bring my visions to life and she has helped me create a visual identity for my business that truly feels like me. 🤍

When I originally started my business in 2020, I had a logo that I hadn’t really put much thought into and I felt like I didn’t have a clear online presence. I wasn’t really sure what my niche was or what I wanted to be known for. But now that I have a larger client base and I’ve been full-time since last summer, I just felt ready to invest in a rebrand and create a more professional look that clearly defines my business and reflects the new niche I’m in. 

When I rebranded one of my main goals was to create a more solidified brand that represents myself and my work. I wanted my branding to represent professionalism, romance, comfort, warmth and adventure. I also wanted to be known for weddings, elopements and couples so I wanted my branding to reflect this. Most importantly I wanted my brand to reflect the art I create and will continue to create for many years. 

During this rebrand it also gave me time to reflect on my values, you know, what’s important to me about my brand and what do I want to convey. As a business owner I value authenticity, romance, commitment and adventure. And I also want my clients to feel that they can be authentic and truly themselves! I encourage them and help them to show up as themselves so that I can capture the best of them through photographs. I love it when my couples plan their weddings and adventures with unique, special details that are personal to them. Romance is key to my business and I aim to represent that throughout my work. The love my clients have for each other can be brought out using a variety of prompts and poses that I provide. Just as my clients are committed to each other and they’re committed to trusting me with their special day, I am committed to my clients. I love my clients and will always support them in whatever way I can. And lastly, adventure. As a big world traveler I believe that adventure is out there for all of us. I promote thinking outside the box and going somewhere that’s outside of your comfort zone, whether that’s in another country or just a unique location that’s special to you; adventure can be found anywhere. 🤍

So what does this rebrand mean for my business?
This rebrand has helped me to become clearer in my business, it’s allowing me to clearly reflect the clients I want to attract as well as my values. And after a lot of back and forth I’ve decided to keep my business name the same. Even though I’m now married and am no longer “Hvfitz” technically, I’ve received a lot of positive feedback telling me to keep the original name I started my biz with, so that;s exactly what I’ll be doing. And my business itself isn’t changing, but it will continue to evolve and change as my creativity and work grows. 🙂


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